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Tempering State Of The Mechanical Properties Of Steel

Sep 07, 2015

Alloying elements on the quenching and tempering of steel to strengthen the role of the state in the most significant, because it makes full use of all four strengthening mechanisms. The most economical and most effective method to strengthen the comprehensive formation of martensite hardened steel, carbide precipitation during tempering, resulting in a strong second phase strengthening, while greatly improving the toughness, it is tempered martensite and its ʱ??

Alloying elements in steel, the primary aim is to improve the steel hardenability to ensure easy access to martensite during quenching. Second is to improve the stability of steel tempering, martensite is maintained to a higher temperature, so hardened steel carbide precipitation during tempering finer, homogeneous and stable. Thus, under the same conditions, the alloy having a higher strength than carbon steel.