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Steel Coil Is Not Easy To Break

Jul 12, 2017

Steel coils are also called coils of steel plates.

The roll plate is like toilet paper. (The description is not very appropriate)

When the coil is used, it needs to be extended to a flat plate using the kaiping machine.

The use of steel coils a lot of refrigerators, washing machines, household appliances, Steel Coil and other industries outside the package are rolled board.

The use of steel plate is also seen everywhere aircraft, artillery, trains, ships, space shuttles, spacecraft, cars and so on.

The steel plate is formed by mining-sintering-ironmaking-smelting.

Steel plate is divided into many kinds of PU plate, low alloy, boiler board, container plate, high-strength board and so on.

Steel coil, also known as roll steel. Steel hot pressing, cold pressure molding for the roll-like. In order to facilitate the storage and transportation, Steel Coil facilitate the processing of various processes (such as processing into steel, steel strips, etc.).

The forming rolls are mainly hot rolled coils and cold rolled rolls. Hot rolled coils are processed products before billet recrystallization. Cold rolled coils are the follow-up process of hot rolled coils. The general weight of steel coils is 15-30t. This year, China's hot rolling production capacity has been expanding, Steel Coil there are dozens of hot rolling production lines, there are some projects will be opened or put into production.

Coil sold mainly for large customers, the general users do not have the equipment or the amount of limited. Therefore, the subsequent processing of steel coils will be a promising industry. Of course, the larger steel mills now have their own unwinding and leveling projects.

Steel coils can be used for a variety of packaging fixed, binding; Grid type: High adhesion, high-performance fiber double-sided tape, applicable to various requirements of the occasion to paste

Features: This product plastic fiber reinforced back material, tensile strength is very high, not easy to break, strong adhesion, packaging effect is perfect and not easy to loose, with a high degree of wear resistance and moisture resistance, the use of a wide range of the most economical components to achieve the best packaging benefits. Household appliances packaging, such as: washing machine, refrigerator, Steel Coil metal and wooden furniture packaging, carton packaging 0 of items containing packaging.

Apply: 1. Steel coil fixed, is the expansion of product application range, steel products play a better role in the fixed, to prevent loose products,

2. Transport logistics industry, for different boxes, especially corrugated box, can play a better fixed role, at the same time winding box one weeks, can also be used as a handle, convenient to use;

3. Home appliances, furniture industry, for electrical appliances, digital products fine structure, especially large appliances, such as refrigerators, can play a better fixed role to prevent loosening, Steel Coil and can play a protective impact, dust-free adhesive without residue.

4. Cable structure fixed and strapping;

5. Fixed pallets, motor strapping;

6. The internal binding of the cable is fixed.

7. A variety of equipment and home appliances metal parts of the adhesive affixed fixed.