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Sandwich Panels Are The Most Widely Used

Jun 30, 2017

Sandwich plate is composed of two layers of metal panels (or other material panels) and directly in the middle of the panel foam, mature molding of the composition of the polymer core insulation. These sandwich panels are easy to install, lightweight and efficient. Filling system is also used to close the molecular structure, can prevent the condensation of water vapor. Sandwich Panel The forming of the outer steel sheet takes into account the structural and strength requirements, taking into account the aesthetics, and the inner layer is formed into a flat plate to suit various needs.

Sandwich board characteristics

1, the quality of light per square meter weight less than 24kg, Sandwich Panel can fully reduce the structural cost.

2, the installation of fast and light weight, plug, install and can be cut at random characteristics, to determine the ease of installation, can improve efficiency and save time.

3, fire, color steel composite plus core board surface material and insulation materials for non-burning or flame retardant materials, to meet the fire safety requirements.

4, fire-resistant, with a special coating of colored steel sheet up to 10-15 years, Sandwich Panel after every ten years spraying anti-corrosion coatings, sheet life of 35 years

5, beautiful, pressure plate clear lines and more

Sandwich board classification

1. There are six kinds of core material:

Polystyrene sandwich panels that EPS sandwich panels (currently on the market, the most widely used varieties);

Extruded polystyrene sandwich panels that are XPS sandwich panels;

Rigid polyurethane sandwich panels that PU sandwich panels;

Trimer sandwich panel that is PIR sandwich panel;

Phenolic sandwich panels that are PF sandwich panels;

Rock wool sandwich panels are RW sandwich panels.

Sandwich board is good or big board good

Daxing board is made of two pieces of veneer stagnant stitching wood. Daxin board price is cheaper than the core board, the vertical (to the core material to distinguish) bending strength is poor, but the lateral bending pressure The thickness of the better than the general do not choose the best. 2. Sandwich panels, also known as plywood, some people called the sub-board. Three or more layers of 1mm thick veneer veneer made of hot pressing. Plywood is generally divided into 3mm, 5mm, 9mm , 12mm, plywood buy plywood by the multi-layer veneer criss-cross stitching of the plate. Sandwich Panel The outermost front panel called the panel, the back called the back plate. The inner board called the core board. For the time I still feel that sandwich panels will be better.