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Sandwich Panels Are A Popular Material

Jun 01, 2017

Sandwich board is made of color coated steel sheet for the surface material, self-extinguishing type polystyrene, polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool as the core material, with heat curing adhesive in the continuous molding machine heating and pressing complex Light construction plate. (The thermal conductivity of the value of 0.034W / mk), the construction speed (no wet operation, do not do the second renovation, the construction period can be a small amount of light (for the concrete roof weight of 1/20 ~ 1/30), thermal insulation Shortening of more than 40%), Sandwich Panel bright color (no surface decoration, color galvanized steel coating to maintain a period of 15 to 30 years) is a set of load, insulation, waterproof, decoration in one of the new envelope material.

In many buildings can often see the use of color steel sandwich panels, Sandwich Panel and people in use because of the use of different purposes will also have a certain thickness of the color steel sandwich panel requirements, different thickness of the product will be expressed Out of different functions and attributes, then the thickness of the product is how much will it be the best?

Caigang sandwich panels are often used in the workshop, the office partition and the external walls of the structure, the main role is to maintain an independent space to keep the internal quiet, so the thickness of the color steel sandwich panels will become people One of the requirements, Sandwich Panel but the current color steel sandwich panels are not uniform in the thickness of the provisions, but the need for people according to the specific use to choose a different thickness.

For example, if it is used in the workshop for the thickness of the requirements will be higher, the office partition will be relatively high, in order to create a quiet office atmosphere, usually 50 mm to 300 mm look, the thickness of the natural It will be able to play a better sound insulation effect, will be more durable.

Of course, people can not help but care about the thickness of Caigang sandwich panels, but also concerned about its other characteristics, such as its appearance is very beautiful, beautiful color, Sandwich Panel the overall effect is very significant, can have a decorative effect, can also play a certain Load-bearing role, and has a multi-role of insulation and fire protection, is a popular material.