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Roof Steel Plate With Maintenance-free Features

Sep 06, 2017

Roof steel production of simple construction, quality assurance, the use of modern buildings more frequently

Roof steel plate with a light weight, high strength, good seismic function, construction fast, beautiful appearance and other benefits, is excellent building materials and components, mainly for the envelope, floor, Roofing Steel Sheet can also be used for other structures. According to the different use of functional requirements, pressure plate can be pressed into a waveform, hyperbolic waveform, ribbed, V-shaped, stiff and so on.

Roof steel plate scope of application

1. Mainly used for: industrial plants, warehouses and a variety of public works roofing works for decorative waterproof layer, or with similar industrial and civil construction works of metal roof construction and installation works.

2. Building gutter, lighting board, pressure top, Roofing Steel Sheet eaves and other supporting the use of construction projects.

Roof steel construction, should comply with the reinforced concrete structure construction specifications and steel structure construction specifications of the relevant provisions, combined with the characteristics of the plate itself, Roofing Steel Sheet highlighting its convenient construction, light weight, maintenance-free features.

With the rapid development of the national economy and the increasing demand for building decoration, the roof steel plate has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, convenient construction, high degree of equipment, rich color, long service life, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, Maintenance-free features, Roofing Steel Sheet by the construction, design, construction units of all ages, and widely used at home and abroad.

According to the successful experience of the roof steel plate construction technology, such as the station, the factory exhibition hall and so on, Roofing Steel Sheet the formation of pressure roof steel plate construction method.


1. Installation quality is easy to guarantee.

2. Process process is clear, easy to operate.

3. Requires less equipment and construction personnel.

Structural engineering construction specifications of the relevant provisions, combined with the characteristics of the plate itself, highlighting its convenient construction, Roofing Steel Sheet light weight, maintenance-free features. The work of the focus on the color of the roof plate plate connection, gutter installation.