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Roof Steel Plate With Maintenance-free Features

Jun 15, 2017

Roof steel plate related structure

⒈ roof steel plate selection should take into account the roof slope, when the slope is small, due to roof drainage is not smooth, should try to use high corrugated roof panels.

⒉ roof steel plate and the horizontal plane between the angle should not be less than.

⒊ roof steel plate should adopt long plate, in order to reduce the number of lateral plate overlap, Roofing Steel Sheet is conducive to roof waterproofing.

⒋ Roof steel plate lateral lap should be reliable connection with the purlins, lap length to meet the specifications, wave height greater than 70mm high corrugated roof steel, lap length should not be less than 350mm, wave height less than 70mm low corrugated roof steel, lap length Less than 250mm, and at the lap to be coated with adhesive tape.

⒌ Roof steel plate lateral connection in different ways, see the fourth section of this chapter. In order to prevent roof leakage, conditions as far as possible using a dark button connection. Roof panel lap overlap, the lap width should be based on the shape of the roof plate, specifications may be, Roofing Steel Sheet not less than half of the wave, lap direction should be consistent with the dominant wind direction. For wave height less than 70mm low corrugated roof steel plate, no fixed bracket, and for wave height greater than 70mm high corrugated roof steel plate, Roofing Steel Sheet to be fixed bracket.

⒍ Roof steel plate horizontal and lateral connection must have a reliable connection to prevent the roof panel movement and sliding phenomenon.

⒎ take into account the poor performance of domestic sealing material, Roofing Steel Sheet easy to crack aging, construction joints as far as possible set in the crest, in order to waterproof.

The connection of the roof steel plate is fastener connection and undercut connection, the wall connection is fastener connection; sandwich panel roof connection fastener connection, the wall connection and firmware connection and pipe connection. This chart for the construction of design staff, construction units, construction, acceptance units and toilet equipment manufacturing plant use.

With the rapid development of the national economy and the increasing demand for building decoration, the roofing of the roof is simple, light in weight, convenient in construction, Roofing Steel Sheet high in equipment, rich in color, long life, heat and corrosion resistance. , Maintenance-free features, by the construction, design, construction units of all ages, and widely used at home and abroad.

Roof steel plate in the roof construction, because no similar work phase reference, so I sum up the Secretary in the station, factory exhibition hall and a large number of roofing steel roofing construction technology, QC results and other successful experience on the basis of the formation of roof steel roof construction method.

Roof steel Scope:

1. Mainly used for: industrial plants, warehouses and a variety of public roofing works for decorative waterproof layer, or with similar industrial and civil construction of metal roof construction and installation works.

2. Building gutter, lighting board, pressure top, Roofing Steel Sheet eaves and other supporting the use of construction projects.

Roof steel construction principles:

Roof steel roof construction, should comply with the reinforced concrete structure construction specifications and steel structure construction specifications of the relevant provisions, combined with the characteristics of the roof plate itself, highlighting the construction of convenient, light weight, maintenance-free features. This method focuses on the connection of the roof of the color roof steel roof, Roofing Steel Sheet the installation of gutter construction.