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Roof Steel Plate Has The Advantage Of Heat Insulation

Sep 18, 2017

Roofing plate has been widely used in construction because of its many advantages, and it has been praised by many users. Perhaps you do not understand the roof plate and its advantages, it does not matter, the following small series will be introduced for you the roof roof plate of the eight major advantages.

Advantages of roofing steel PLATE: Refractory

The core plate of roofing steel plate uses inorganic material, does not burn and does not burst in the fire, no poisonous gas releases, is a kind of fire-resistant performance material; The fire resistance limit of the whole plate is more than 2 hours, Roofing Steel Sheet which can meet the requirement of fire protection of the component.

Advantages of roofing steel PLATE: Waterproof

Steel skeleton light plate manufactured with a dedicated BAS composite impervious coating, roof waterproofing practices, Roofing Steel Sheet forming a reliable composite waterproof system, to solve the general lightweight roofing plate easily leakage problem.

Three advantages of roofing steel PLATE: Sound insulation

The average sound insulation of roofing steel plate is above 40db, which satisfies the sound insulation requirement of high grade acoustical buildings such as auditorium.

Advantages of roofing steel PLATE: Seismic

Steel skeleton light plate belongs to the lightweight roofing steel plate is advantageous to the earthquake resistance, coupled with the reasonable aseismic node design, can satisfy the 8 degree earthquake fortification intensity request. And when the earthquake occurs, Roofing Steel Sheet the secondary damage caused by the roofing plate is small, which is the ideal component material in the earthquake zone.

Advantages of roofing Steel plate: Energy Saving and environmental protection

The main materials are natural inorganic materials, do not release toxic and harmful substances, and the roof plate breathable good, living healthy and comfortable; Board production can use part of industrial waste, Roofing Steel Sheet belong to comprehensive utilization of resources products.

Advantages of roofing steel PLATE: High strength

The combination structure of light steel skeleton and high strength bas inorganic lightweight core material, although it is lightweight board, has maintained the characteristic of large load-bearing capacity and high safety of traditional reinforced concrete heavy slab. It can not only meet the requirements of uniform load, Roofing Steel Sheet but also have a strong concentrated bearing capacity, which is the ideal material for replacing traditional concrete roofing slab and floor slab.

Advantages of roofing Steel PLATE: Thermal insulation

Roof steel plate has excellent thermal insulation performance, the thermal conductivity of the material is low, and the heat transfer coefficient of the whole plate is up to 0.3W/M2K, to meet the requirements of energy-saving building thermal insulation, roof steel plate with excellent thermal insulation performance, the plate outside the temperature to 900 ℃, the plate inside is only 50 ℃, Roofing Steel Sheet is the ideal heat insulation in the

Advantages of roofing Steel PLATE: easy to use

The board is installed fast, few construction links, greatly shorten the construction period; Board shape, specifications can be customized according to customer requirements, can meet openings, hanging objects, such as the use of requirements; Roofing Steel Sheet Board for daylighting Skylight, fan equipment, lightning protection system and two times renovation and other ancillary construction to provide a convenient and reasonable solution.

Above is the introduction of the advantages of roofing plate, I believe you must have a certain understanding of this kind of roofing plate. In addition to the above advantages, roofing plate also has a simple maintenance features, Roofing Steel Sheet it not only the use of low-cost and normal use of the maintenance is not necessary, is an ideal roof roofing plate.