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Roof Steel Is Good Plasticity

Aug 04, 2017

Main features of roofing steel

1. Light weight; aluminum density of 2.73g / m3, only steel 1/3

2. High strength; through the composition, processing and heat treatment methods can achieve high strength.

3. Corrosion-resistant; self-rust resistance, Roofing Steel Sheet the formation of the oxide layer, to prevent corrosion of metal corrosion, good acid and alkali resistance.

4. Surface treatment of diverse, beautiful. Can be anodized, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing, painting treatment.

5. Good plasticity, easy processing;

6. Good electrical conductivity. Non-magnetization and low spark sensitivity, Roofing Steel Sheet can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce the special environment of flammability.

7. Easy to install; aluminum can be riveting, welding, Roofing Steel Sheet adhesive and other ways to connect.

8. Environmental protection, 100% recyclable.

Roof steel production of simple construction, quality assurance, the use of modern buildings more frequently. Roof steel What are the design points of the roof steel? We will introduce you to the roof steel.

The steel sheet is made of cold or cold rolled steel. Steel plate selection of organic coated thin steel plate (or color steel plate), galvanized steel sheet, Roofing Steel Sheet anti-corrosion thin steel plate (including asbestos asphalt layer) or other thin steel plate. The steel plate has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good seismic function, fast construction, beautiful appearance and so on. Roofing Steel Sheet It is an excellent building material and component. It is mainly used for envelope structure and floor, and can be used for other structures. According to the different use of functional plea, pressure plate can be pressed into a waveform, hyperbolic waveform, ribbed, V-shaped, stiff and so on.

1) galvanized steel plate corrosion resistance is galvanized steel plate 3 to 5 times, and the more serious corrosion, the greater the difference, so in the construction roof, should be preferred to use galvanized steel plate AZ150. If the choice of galvanized steel plate is not lower than the Z275, its life than AZ150 much lower, Roofing Steel Sheet so Australia and other countries are clearly defined: such as galvanized steel sheet to do the roof (wall), you must use Z450.

2) AZ150 than Z275 offer about 10 ~ 20%, but its anti-corrosion function is 3 to 5 times more, showing that the galvanized steel plate has an outstanding function offer ratio.

Engineering characteristics

1. Installation quality is easy to guarantee.

2. Process process is clear, easy to operate.

3. Requires less equipment and construction personnel.

Applicable scope

1. Mainly used for: industrial plants, warehouses and a variety of public roofing works for decorative waterproof layer, or with similar industrial and civil construction of metal roof construction and installation works.

2. Building gutter, lighting board, pressure top, Roofing Steel Sheet eaves and other supporting the use of construction projects.

Construction principle

Roof steel construction, should comply with the reinforced concrete structure construction specifications and steel structure construction specifications of the relevant provisions, Roofing Steel Sheet combined with the characteristics of the plate itself, highlighting its convenient construction, light weight, maintenance-free features. This method focuses on the connection of the color roof steel plate, the installation of gutter construction.