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Roof Steel Insulation Sunscreen Performance

Jun 01, 2017

Roof steel insulation sunscreen performance, the use of nano-aluminum plate material to suppress 65-400 high vertical roof panels, with high heat reflectivity so that the surface does not absorb heat, Roofing Steel Sheet even in the summer board is not hot, so that the building temperature Down 8-10 degrees.

Roof steel sound-absorbing performance, according to different buildings, design a different tectonic layer, Roofing Steel Sheet increase the thickness of sound-absorbing cotton to enhance the sound absorption effect.

Roof steel plate wind resistance is good, good security, Roofing Steel Sheet through the roof and cornice structure and roof purlin spacing to meet the structural requirements.

Roof steel waterproof performance, aluminum and magnesium manganese plate solderability and vertical locking system, making aluminum and magnesium manganese plate never water.

Roof steel plate good anti-variable ability, aluminum magnesium manganese plate as long as the effective part of the gutter to ensure the length, Roofing Steel Sheet the length of aluminum magnesium manganese plate can reach about 140m.

Roofing steel is widely used in: sports center venues, railway stations, bus stations and other passenger station, exhibition center exhibition hall, airport terminal, cultural center, theater, industrial high standard factory, private senior club and villa.

Classification of roof steel

1, according to the thickness of classification: sheet, plate, thick plate, special thick plate.

2, according to the production method classification: hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel.

3, according to the surface characteristics of classification: galvanized sheet (hot galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet), tin plate, composite steel plate, color coated steel plate.

3, according to the use of classification: bridge steel plate, boiler plate, Roofing Steel Sheet shipbuilding plate, armored steel, automotive steel, roof steel, structural steel, electrical steel (silicon steel), spring steel,