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Roof Steel Has A Broad Development Prospects

Jun 30, 2017

Roof steel plate installation precautions

(1) by the actual size of the roof of the pan, the edge of the board, should be measured in the field after processing. Roof purlin and ditch roof steel plate can be installed before the installation of the tail plate.

(2) roof panel installation should be smooth, clear slope, welding is reasonable, Roofing Steel Sheet flooding and wrapping should ensure that the contour straight, lap sealant.

(3) Tiger windows, protruding roof of the engine room and the terrace is, side of the package edge of the contours and the corresponding mortar drip line to be closed.

(4) purlin should be welded after the weld acceptance, knock to slag and then fill the brush anti-rust paint to ensure its durability. CAUTION Avoid serious scratches on the surface of the roof panel, otherwise refill it.

(5) After installation of the roof steel plate to be checked, Roofing Steel Sheet the deformation should be replaced.

(6) roof steel plate installation is a high-altitude operation, Roofing Steel Sheet and the roof slope is large, rainy days shall not be construction, the safety issues should be sufficient attention.

(7) The lap length of the roof steel plate should meet the requirements, the distance between the nail should be guaranteed, the end of each board must be nails, longitudinal lap and self-tapping nail, wear steel pipe, The tile must be sealed with silica gel or glass glue.

With the development of society, the function of the building is also constantly expanding, which means that we need to use advanced technology, construction equipment and construction materials to the construction, to a large extent, increased the difficulty of the construction of the project. In order to ensure the quality and function of high-rise buildings are fully exerted, the construction staff must continue to work hard to take scientific and effective measures to carry out the construction of the project, Roofing Steel Sheet the quality of its strict control to ensure its quality. Through the above, a brief description of the slope roofing roof steel construction, I believe we have a certain understanding. With the development of society and the improvement of technical level, this construction technology will continue to improve, and applied in a variety of projects, has a very broad prospects for development.