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Number Plates Of

Sep 07, 2015

Grade header with numerals carbon content. Provisions of structural steel in millionths of a unit number (two digits), tool steel and special steel to the thousandth performance digital units (a number) to represent the carbon content and the carbon content of more than tool steel 1%, the carbon content is not marked.

After the show the carbon content of the digital, chemical symbols for use element indicates the main alloying elements in steel, not marked by the number of content behind the numerals, the average content of less than 1.5%, the average content of 1.5% - 2.49%, 2.5% when 3.49% ...... accordingly labeled 2,3 .......

Alloy structural steel 40Cr, the average carbon content of 0.40%, the main alloying elements Cr content of 1.5% or less.

Rolled steel pipe

Rolled steel pipe

Alloy tool steel 5CrMnMo, the average carbon content of 0.5 percent, the main alloying elements Cr, Mn, Mo content was 1.5% or less.