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Good Seismic Performance Of Roofing Steel Plate

Oct 13, 2017

Roofing steel plate is a steel plate which is cold pressed or cold rolled. The steel plate uses the organic coating thin steel plate (or the color steel plate), the galvanized thin steel plate, the anticorrosive thin steel plate (contains the asbestos bitumen layer) or other thin steel plate and so on. Roofing plate has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good anti-seismic performance, Roofing Steel Sheet quick construction and beautiful appearance, and is a good building material and component, which is mainly used for enclosure structure, floor slab and other structures. According to different functional requirements, roofing steel plate can be compressed into waveform, hyperbolic waveform, rib, V-shaped, stiffening type. Roof and wall surface commonly used plate thickness of 0.4 ~ 1.6 mm, Roofing Steel Sheet used for load-bearing floor or silo when the thickness of $number mm or more. Wave heights are generally 10~200 millimeters. When not stiffening, its high thickness ratio should be controlled within 200. Roofing Steel Sheet When using the Long House panel, the slope can be $number, then the deflection is not more than l/300 (l for calculation span).

Roofing Steel Plate working method features:

1. The installation quality is easy to guarantee.

2. Clear process, easy to operate.

3. The required equipment and construction personnel are less.

Roofing Plate Application Scope:

1. Mainly used for: industrial plants, Roofing Steel Sheet warehouses and a variety of public building roofing works as decorative waterproof layer, or similar industrial and civil construction works of metal roofing installation works.

2. Building gutter, lighting board, capping, Roofing Steel Sheet sealing eaves and other ancillary use of construction projects.

Construction principle of roofing steel plate:

In the construction of roofing steel plate, it is necessary to obey the regulations of construction Code of reinforced concrete structure and construction Code of steel structure, Roofing Steel Sheet and to highlight the features of roofing steel plate, which is convenient for construction, light weight and maintenance-free.