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Good Leakage Resistance Of Roofing Steel

Nov 02, 2017

Roofing steel plate including purlin, color plate, the roof purlin is connected with the color plate by screws, which is characterized by a waterproof cushion on the top of the screw, Roofing Steel Sheet a waterproof cushion is arranged underneath the washer, and a waterproof cushion is covered with a layer of composite waterproof material layer. Roofing Steel Sheet The top of the color plate is pasted with a composite layer The thickness of the composite layer is 4_, and the bottom is butyl rubber layer, polyester nonwoven layer and metal foil layer respectively.

Roofing steel Plate has the characteristics of light weight, good seepage resistance and strong adaptability of temperature difference.

Roofing Steel plate construction technology field. Erection of steel pipe platform in the construction site, the cold bending molding machine hanging to the erection of the steel pipe platform, so that the cold bending machine outlet height and roof eaves height consistent, on-site processing of long steel strip, each length of steel strip and ridge to the distance between the eaves is equal, Roofing Steel Sheet The long type steel strip is arranged in turn grounded on the roof truss girder with insulating layer. The invention adopts a cold bending forming machine to be hoisted to a height equal to the roof eaves, on-site processing, on-site installation, according to the roof size production and purlin length of the long type of steel strip, to avoid the field processing, Roofing Steel Sheet especially the length of the transport can not be reached, but also to avoid the field of short steel plate after the installation of a large number of joint leakage, leakage hidden trouble.

Roofing plate can be used hv-470b, HV-760, HV-478 and so on, the second is a single layer of color steel plate + insulation cotton + steel wire mesh, the use of this is to strengthen the insulation, Roofing Steel Sheet the third can be roofing panels + insulation + roof panels or sandwich plate color plate. In order to save energy as well as indoor lighting, generally in the roof plus the production of light plate, the production of light plate, price roommate panel price, about 50 yuan/square, you can also design roof gas, so as to strengthen indoor ventilation.