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Good Leakage Resistance Of Roofing Steel

Oct 24, 2017

Roofing steel Plate has the characteristics of light weight, good seepage resistance and strong adaptability of temperature difference.

The construction of roofing steel plate is simple, quality assurance, the use of modern buildings is more frequent.

The roofing steel plate selects the organic coating thin steel plate (or the color steel plate), Roofing Steel Sheet the galvanized thin steel plate, the anticorrosive thin steel plate (contains the asbestos bitumen layer) or other thin steel plate and so on. The pressure-type steel plate has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good anti-seismic function, quick construction and beautiful appearance, Roofing Steel Sheet which are excellent building materials and components, which are mainly used for enclosure structure, floor slab and other structures. According to the use of different functions, pressure-type steel plate can be compressed into waveform, hyperbolic waveform, rib-shaped, V-shaped, stiffening type.

Roofing plate belongs to the waterproof field of color steel sheet building roofing, it includes roofing purlin, color plate, roof purlin and color plate through the screw connection, Roofing Steel Sheet its characteristics are the screws above a piece of waterproof cushion, the washer under the setting of a waterproof cushion block, outside waterproof cushion block covered with a layer of composite waterproof material layer ; The composite waterproof material layer is coated with a layer of 4mm and the bottom layer is butyl rubber layer, Roofing Steel Sheet polyester nonwoven layer and metal foil. The waterproof cushion block of the utility model has the characteristics of strong adhesion, can firmly stick color plate and screw, and jam the Screw hole, and solves the problem of the screw hole seepage.

Characteristics of roofing steel plate working method

1. Roofing Steel Sheet The installation quality is easy to guarantee.

2. Clear process, easy to operate.

3. The required equipment and construction personnel are less.

Application range of roofing steel plate

1. Mainly used for: industrial plants, warehouses and a variety of public building roofing works as decorative waterproof layer, Roofing Steel Sheet or similar industrial and civil construction works of metal roofing installation works.

2. Building gutter, lighting board, capping, sealing eaves and other ancillary use of construction projects.

Construction principle of roofing steel plate

In the construction, should abide by the reinforced concrete structural engineering construction Code and the steel structure Construction code related stipulation, the roofing steel plate own characteristic, prominent its construction convenient, the self-respect light, the maintenance-free characteristic.