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Classification Steel

Sep 07, 2015

Steel Classification

According to the number of alloying elements, divided

Low-alloy steel (total alloy element is less than 5%),

In steel (total amount of alloying elements of 5% -10%)

High-alloy steel (total alloy element is higher than 10%).

Press the main alloying elements contained in the divided

Chrome steel (Cr-Fe-C)



Chrome-nickel steel (Cr-Ni-Fe-C)

Manganese (Mn-Fe-C)

Silico-manganese steel (Si-Mn-Fe-C)

Press the small sample normalized or cast structure, divided

Pearlite steel

Martensitic steel

Ferritic steel

Austenitic steels


By Application

Alloy structural steel

Alloy tool steel

Special properties of steel