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Ordinary and mechanical structural steel common Japanese brands

Sep 07, 2015

1, Japanese steel (JIS series) grades in ordinary structural steel is mainly composed of three parts: The first part indicates the material, such as: S (Steel) represents steel, F (Ferrum) indicates iron; the second part represents different shapes, types , uses, such as P (Plate) indicates that the board, T (Tube) indicates pipe, K (Kogu) indicates tool; the third part was characterized by numbers, usually a minimum tensile strength. Such as: SS400-- first S represents steel (Steel), said second S "Structure" (Structure), 400 for the lower tensile strength of 400MPa, a tensile strength of said overall general structural steel of 400 MPa.

2, SPHC- first steel Steel abbreviation S, P is the abbreviation plate Plate, H is hot Heat abbreviation, C Commercial Commercial Abbreviation, expressed general overall hot-rolled steel sheet and strip.

3, SPHD- represents stamping hot-rolled steel sheet and strip.

4, SPHE- expressed deep drawing hot rolled steel sheet and strip.