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Common low-alloy structural steels

Sep 07, 2015

16Mn low-alloy high strength steel is the most widely used in an amount up to the largest output of steel. Use state organizations fine-grained ferrite - pearlite, strength of about 20% to 30% higher than ordinary carbon steel Q235, atmospheric corrosion resistance by 20% to 38%.

15MnVN most used medium level of intensity of steel steel. Higher strength and toughness, weldability and low temperature toughness is also good, it is widely used in the manufacture of large structural bridges, boilers, vessels and the like.

After the intensity level exceeds 500MPa, ferrite and pearlite structure can not meet the requirements, so the development of low-carbon bainitic steel. Join Cr, Mo, Mn, B and other elements conducive to obtain bainite under air cooling conditions, so that a higher strength, ductility and weldability are better, and more for high-pressure boilers, pressure vessels and the like.